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πŸ’Ύ CSS themes made for profile customization

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MySpace Windows93 Themes

Copy and paste the @import url(...) of the desired theme into "Edit Your Profile > Customize > CSS". Enjoy your new look!

I do not own the rights to any gifs or cursors. All credit goes to the original creators on giphy, , or other specified sites. All themes are free and all I ask is that you give credit by copying and pasting the following text into your bio or in a blog post:

Theme Made by sophie:

Gothic Glitch πŸ₯€β˜ οΈπŸ©Έ

@import url(;

Gothic Glitch Theme example

Cottagecore 🌿πŸͺ΄

@import url(;

Cottagecore Theme example

Sweet Tooth 🍭🍬

@import url(;

Sweet Tooth Theme example

Modern πŸ–₯

@import url(;

Modern Theme example
Note: To add the Light Mode and Dark Mode button, add the following markdown text somewhere on your page. Default is dark mode.
[Light Mode](#container)
[Dark Mode](#)

Soft Holographic β˜οΈβ˜οΈπŸŒ…

@import url(;

Soft Holographic Theme example

Floral 🌼

@import url(;

Floral Theme example

Holiday πŸŽ„

@import url(;

Holiday Theme example

95 πŸͺŸ

@import url(;

95 Theme example

Webkinz πŸ¦„

@import url(;

Webkinz Theme example
Note: Not compatible with mobile

If you know how to, feel free to open an issue on GitHub if something isn't working :)

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I am not in any way affiliated with MySpace or Windows 93. All themes are made by me as a personal project.